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B2 Technical Solutions provides innovative Engineering & Manufacturing Services focusing on practical solutions tailored to each of our client’s individual needs. Our mission is to provide the best services and products through knowledge, ethics, quality, confidentiality and commitment.


Cost Reduction

Maintaining a specialized team can be extremely expensive, and forecasting future demand for these skills can be difficult to predict. One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing to B2 is cost reduction. B2 can help keep your projects on budget and reduce your company overhead allowing revenue to be dedicated to other essential functions.

Efficiency Improvement

Through B2’s knowhow, your company will streamline engineering time and improve your project results.

No internal infrastructure

With B2, your company can avoid internal costs with employees, IT, operational support, hardware, software, etc.

Direct access to high skilled team

Your company does not need to spend money and time on personal recruiting and training. B2’s team is always ready to perform and deliver results.

No Employment Liability

By contracting B2, your company will gain legal security against labor lawsuits and other employment liabilities. B2 always takes total legal responsibility for the action of its employees.

Focus on what matters

With B2, your team will be free to focus on the important activities of your company.

Real time collaboration

B2 services are performed on a dedicated cloud server, which allows collaboration between your company and B2’s teams in real time. All the information between your company and B2 can be processed quickly and securely. Our dedicated cloud server also allows your company to monitor and manage B2’s services progress.


B2’s services are performed on a dedicated cloud server with restricted and controlled access to enable our client’s information to be accessed and processed in a fully secure environment.

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